Digest of new squid stories starts right now. Now you can create your own space along with a sensational story. A huge number of quests that borders along with creating your own storyline. If you are a fan of Squid Craft 2, you will not be able to pass by.

There are many options available for you to create new entertainment formats. You are surrounded by square men who are always ready to help. But among them there are those who are ready to destroy your plans. Use your brains about how you can destroy this system.

Your main task is to create your own world. This will be the space in which you will interact with other players. The multiplayer mode draws the attention of the players when they are placed in this plot.

There is no death penalty here. But there are severe punishments if you fail to complete your task. Will you risk creating a completely different universe with new possibilities?

Squid Craft 2