A new trend in the world of horror from the creators of the game. The plot is quite simple, but interesting. Once a boy named Ben found a harmless zombie Ed on the street and the two hit it off. But now a new character bursts into play – an evil showman who wants to earn a lot of money for these two.

Ben and Ed go on a survival adventure. They need to be patient in an attempt to rein in this strange dude. And who will be the victim of this very strange show?

You have to play as zombie Ed. His goal is to complete all the levels that the evil showman has prepared for you. This is something like an obstacle course: chainsaws, cleavers, cutters, and so on. Fortunately, the loss of limbs for our hero is not a big problem, since he is a zombie.

In the levels, you will be assisted by zombie service centers, who will collect all your limbs and restore your body. But of course, the showman has prepared mechanical bosses for you to defeat. Unlock the potential of desire that will help you avoid deadly punishment. And even if such an outcome cannot be avoided, you do not know for sure who will pay for this huge quest with their lives.

Wide range of possibilities for zombies

Lots of funny moments in a scary story. This story is about an unfortunate oppressed zombie who is forced to take part in a terrible reality show hosted by the heartless Hans. This is a show master who is ready to do anything to raise his ratings. He is ready to use a cute zombie and a boy for his insidious purposes.

The main task is a quest to save your only friend Ben. One challenge for 23 challenging levels and tons of fun to complete. Ben and Ed have learned how to attract a huge audience to their story.

The main character cannot die and is technically invulnerable. And even if you die, only body parts will be lost. There are pluses to this. You always have a couple of spare heads. Remove them from yourself using as a lever for the buttons. In addition, if his legs are cut off, he will crawl towards his goal. With all the possibilities, this is pretty easy. But when the utter chaos begins, you will need all your skills.

First there will be wide roads: there are pairs of traps. If you can’t get past the section, throw your head over it. And then get together and forward with new parts. It is worth noting in general the level design itself. They are made so well that they both strain to pass them and rejoice like a child at their small successes.

Ben and Ed