At the beginning, a touching story is told, you already think that now there will be a film about the friendship of a boy and a zombie. But no, some businessman breaks into the story, takes the zombies and puts the boy in a cage so that the zombies run after him.

And creates a show about it. In the beginning, everything will be shown and told to you. Management is simple and clear. The point is to run and dodge. The game teaches you to never give up!

Face all the zombie-demons

A difficult story of fate about the life of a boy and a zombie. The zombie has been taken to an entertainment show where he has to go through obstacles to get to his friend. It is very difficult to pass this horror, as with each level there are more and more obstacles.

Also in Ben and Ed there is something like blitz levels or bosses. Also unusual for this kind of entertainment is the separation of limbs to pass places that cannot be reached with the body in full standing. Graphics in the application at a sufficient level, goes even on weak platforms.

Play ends sadly, such an ending is clearly not expected even by the most intelligent users. The music is great, the atmosphere is ok, the graphics are brilliant, the variety of levels is pleasing to the eye. True, some levels are quite difficult and in order to pass them you need to try very hard.

So, you go through various puzzle levels for a zombie named Ed. Help save Ben, your friend. Play level after level, after several hundred attempts we come to the last scene. Terrible denouement.

Well, what did you want? Zombies are zombies, and besides, tired after running around and chopping off their limbs. The moral of the story is this: if you meet a friendly zombie, then don’t be fooled by his “friendliness”, he will eventually try to eat your brains.

Ben and Ed Unblocked