This is a unique action-platformer with a sea of blood and great style. The plot is uncomplicated, but served with simply chic humor. You will play as a strange horned character who is a henchman of the devil’s throne. He has to move through the hellish looking glass in search of ingredients for a hellish pie.

Moving from location to location – you will have a chance to meet a lot of traps and different items. Some of them you can try on yourself. This is perhaps the most bloody platformer: blood flows in streams, and when you kill an enemy, you enter a mini-game.

Finishing ingredients are varied and very savory. The style is mesmerizing: you obviously didn’t imagine hell like that. There are castles, Greek-style casinos, factories and more. And it’s all done in style. This contrast of bloodiness and cartoonishness achieves its goal.

This platformer combines fun ruby and solving tricky puzzles, which often consist in finding a way to a particular place. Near you there is a pet that is chained to you and will never betray you.

Hell Pie