An arcade platformer about a zombie who is separated from his best friend little Ben. And for the sake of their reunion, they forced him to go through the most difficult obstacle courses full of deadly traps. A show that weighs the cost of your lives.

A simple and at the same time very touching story, coupled with fun gameplay, has won the attention of hundreds of thousands of players.

At some levels, strange and creepy Easter eggs began to be found in hard-to-reach places, which at first glance seemed absolutely meaningless. But digging a little deeper, it turned out that these messages are only part of one large-scale and intricate mystery.

What awaits Ben and Ed at the end of their adventure? Not yet known. But do not despair, because it is not so easy to evaluate the final without the passage itself. Here the very essence of the idea lies in the adventure in the course of the game.

Not in the intersection itself. And the most valuable thing is the emotions that a rather primitive character receives. In theory, zombies can’t be kind. But the developers decided to refute this theory and introduce a good hero into their world of adventure. Do you have the courage to meet him?

What horrors await the players?

Very cool runner. The plot is simple but with a very unexpected ending. You have to play as zombie Ed. Once he made friends with the boy Ben. But the showmaster (a telling nickname) stole the boy, created his own show and forced Ed to participate in it in order to save the boy.

You have to run through the levels, overcoming various obstacles and traps (blades, hammers, lasers. Even if you lose limbs, you can keep moving. And for some locations, in order to pass them, you need to throw your head. Collect cans to open additional levels.

The game has a very cool soundtrack, just for the sake of it, the desire to play this hardcore more and more. Many locations with different musical accompaniment, colorful graphics, and hardcore levels make Ben and Ed one of the best runners.

There is also a second part, specially made for multiplayer. Little tricks have never bothered anyone – the main thing is to understand when the best moment comes to use them.

Ben and Ed 2