Ben and Ed Game Online Play Free

Similar games with such an atmosphere are monstrously few. It all starts with a simple scene with a bunch of zombies and it’s repulsive at first. But over time, you will realize that first impressions can be deceiving. And it all ends in sheer madness with a bunch of corpses, persecution and a crazy boy.

In addition to being so interesting, it’s also funny! Surprisingly, there is a plot and a very good one. In this genre, rarely pay attention to the storyline. At the end, you can be unrealistically surprised at the denouement and even disappointed to some extent, because the ending is very unexpected. A bewitching unhackneyed horror that can surprise even the most demanding users.

Let’s start looking for a boy

In the game, you need to be able to run to the end, passing through the tests, remaining at the checkpoints. Each time it gets harder and harder to get to the finish line. There are tests where speed is needed. In some fights, ingenuity will come in handy. And sometimes just iron nerves are enough. Cool idea with a zombie head. It can be torn off from the body, thrown and controlled only by it. Management is not difficult. Intuitive and simple. But for beginners, there is a well-implemented training that immediately sets you up for endless emotional swings.

The multiplayer is great. Calmly play with friends, compete or just mock each other. Yes, there are levels where you can kill your friends. The graphics are excellent, nothing is blurry, no pixels and other nonsense. Clear, bright and colorful. Gameplay attracts with its scary locations that confuse you. Is the story of Ben and Ed so bloody and merciless? The ubiquitous headless creatures that trail behind you. You will not have time to fight off one, as the head of another flies next. Rich and varied. The use of hacks is not prohibited, but if you have time to use them.

The most terrible zombie in the world

There are a sufficient number of levels and many obstacles, as well as deadly bosses. The feature of this game is that the main character Ed died. And in connection with his extraordinary condition, he is not afraid of any damage. He can safely move without arms and legs, as well as control a severed head in order to throw it and continue the level. Checkpoints are present and just here you can restore limbs. You can also demolish pyramids from cans, bonus levels open for a certain amount.

This play has a lot of difficulty levels and levels in general. 3D platformer is not to say that it is very difficult. In some moments, he is even very funny. The levels are passed quite quickly and do not cause much difficulty. Not bad enough graphics, pulls even on the weakest pc. Playing with such resolutions is quite simple and bright. It does not cause any particular difficulties and customize the passage for yourself.

To do this, there is a convenient menu that can be found at the entrance. The players really like their atmosphere, it is so unusual. Lots of settings to make the game comfortable. It is also possible to play with a gamepad. Constant updates, there is even a storyline (and there are 2 endings).