Difficult and at the same time interesting trials with moments where you need to run without one leg, crawl without two legs, or just somehow roll with your head to the next checkpoint. Such tests often sink into the soul.

The picture in the game is saturated with a huge number of effects. It’s about the adventures of Ben and Ed. A touching story about a boy who was shackled into a cunning showman’s plan. His best friend is trying to find him and save him. But the whole point is who his friend is. And in the story – this is a real zombie. Unexpected, right?

A scary and dirty character suddenly becomes kind and longs to save his friend. But what will it mean for him? Scary and dangerous obstacle courses. No repetitive tests. Terrible secrets that hide behind the veil of the show. All this is waiting for you in this application. Can you understand the logic of this place and why it is not zombie creatures that turn out to be evil.

Evil people and good zombies

Ben and Ed is a refutation of the theory that the dead can only be bad. On the contrary, the zombie here is endowed with a greater range of human qualities than the showman. Regret is not alien to him and he is kind enough. He feels empty when his best friend is taken away.

And without a drop of doubt, he rushes to the aid of his comrade-in-arms. He is ready to sacrifice parts of the body for the salvation of his neighbor. The game is filled with contradictions and dozens of questions. And you, as a decent player, are obliged to help him. Until he changes his mind and bites off anyone’s head, you have every chance to break the stereotypes.

To do this, you have the first training levels that will show you clearly what to do. Then your levels will become more difficult, preparing you for the final battle. You get convenient controls that will help the character move even when disassembled. You can move your head or crawl without legs, all for a good cause.

In separate parking lots, you can fix your character a little. This will allow you to fight a little more to save a friend. The graphics do not distract, but complement the whole idea. You are not left alone, mini-villains are constantly flashing around you, which are training before the final fight.

Ben and Ed – Blood Party