You’ve definitely heard about these two heroes who are creepy for all players. They’ve been a little out of sorts lately. And they want to give their horror to you. The plot of the game is simple and clear, we need to save our best friend Ed.

You control a zombie named Ben. Your character is literally immortal, because here, do not tear off the main character, he will continue on his way. The famous showman Hans kidnapped your best friend. All the way we will always be something to chop off, crush, eat. You will still continue on your way. The graphics is good.

The gameplay of Ben and Ed is unique and original. You’ve hardly seen anything like it. The music is also great. An unforgettable experience awaits you, which can hardly be smoothed over by a cool selection of features from the developer.

After all, you are in constant search of the best option for passing the level. No difficulty will stop you. But this happens exactly until the moment when the first severed head flies into you. Playing with such a pressure of emotions is another task.

The unknown world of zombies

The graphics are very good and deserve special attention. There are quite a few details that add atmosphere to the story. The levels are very well done and beautiful. The gameplay is quite interesting and dynamic, while you can’t just take it and run headlong. It is necessary to take into account how the traps work, how the body of the main character is damaged, and much more.

At the same time, you need to have a good reaction, which you can easily train. The plot is simple to the point of disgrace, but at the same time quite interesting. At the same time, he gradually reveals the characters that are present in the story, although there are quite a few of them here.

You can safely play on your favorite gadget. Permissions allow you to choose whether you want to see this picture on the screen larger or smaller.

Ben and Ed Horror